Review : Flying By The Seat of My Knickers By Eliza Watson


Plot : 3/5
Characters : 3/5
Writing : 3/5

Genre : Young Adult,  Fiction
Age Recommended : 13 yrs and up

When Milwaukee girl Caity Shaw is given the opportunity of working in a job where she isn’t expected to dress like an elf with those horrible pointy shoes and annoying golden bells , she readily accepts it , expecting to have an unforgettable experience with her sister & event managing goddess Rachel in Ireland and in the process,  recovering from the damaging effects of her former emotionally abusive relationship. Little does she know about the series of mishaps the journey has in store for her !

I received an e – version of ” Flying By The Seat Of My Knickers ” in exchange of an honest review and found it absolutely fantastic!

I found Eliza Watson’s writing style somewhat similar to that of Sophie Kinsella , where humour was cleverly brought out in awkward situations taking place in the protagonist’s life. Eliza indeed added a unique touch to the book however, it did have some dull moments.

Although Watson worked well on her main character Caity , making her a likeable and highly relatable one, some of the other characters do not seem very well crafted.

The character development of Caity Shaw however,  is a plus point as, she goes from being a low-esteemed harassment victim to a confident and efficient girl , in an extremely realistic way. Shaw, despite all the obstacles that come her way , gaines confidence bit by bit throughout the course of the book.

The ‘Irish Grandma’ twist pertaining to the American protagonist also adds to the overall charm of the book although not too much attention is paid to it.

All in all,  ‘ Flying By The Seat Of My Knickers ‘ is a thoroughly enjoyable and incredibly loveable book with a set of imperfect yet interesting characters in a wonderful backdrop of Ireland , which makes me eagerly look forward to reading the next book in the series.

– Reviewed by Nandika Kaul


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