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Plot : 4/5
Characters : 5/5
Writing : 4/5

Genre : Young Adult,  Fiction
Age Recommended : 13 yrs and up

There is no chosen one in this story. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and happened to make a decision that altered her life forever. Avery Gray is a size twelve university student with a penchant for dry humor, and she’s as normal as they come. Up until now, the biggest choice she’s had to make was glasses or contacts? At the moment, its stay and save, or leave and be saved.

The story focuses on Ava who studies in a university in Huxton. One rainy afternoon, she had to make a choice: go through the alleyway or around it. Two possible options. One would have had her future continue as planned, the other would ensure that her future never remained same again. She unknowingly went with the latter. But change is not always bad. Avery meets Theodore James Connors, an enigmatic young man who takes her to Hayven City, a city separated from the rest of her world, where only gifters – ordinary people with extra ordinary gifts – can go. She soon finds herself in a close- knit group of friends she’d never imagined herself in; friends who are diverse in every possible way, from their gifts, to their personalities, to their stories. Friends who make her laugh, who make her cry, who make her…*her*.

My thoughts : Gifted is much more than one can expect from an author who has just been published.Gifted is totally surreal, it takes you to a world which in which you will be totally lost! This book is not just a book, it is an adventure! An adventure to dreams and lives about which we perhaps never even thought of !

Gifted kept me engrossed till the end. After reading the first book of the Hayven Series, I have started craving for the second  (unfortunately the author hasn’t even written it !).

I received an e-version of ‘GIFTED’ by the author herself  in exchange of an honest review and in my opinion, Gifted can already be considered as a  ‘perfect novel’.

Despite, being a very well written and original novel there were some bits in the book which I noticed ,were inspired by the Twilight and the Harry Potter series.

Overall, Gifted turned out be one of the best books which I’ve read so far. According to me, the Hayven Series will surely come out to be  one of the best series of all time !

-Reviewed by Tanishka Luhia

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