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INTERVIEW: Geanna Culbertson, author of ‘Crisanta Knight’


Geanna Culbertson is an author of Crisanta Knight: Protagonist Bound’ and digital marketer at profession! She’s spent several years working in the entertainment industry, spending time at Nickelodeon Animation Studios, the Walt Disney Studios, and Paramount Studios. And currently is work in digital marketing for the most awesome company ever!


 1.Tell us a bit about your book ” Crisanta Knight- Protagonist Bound”.

Crisanta Knight is an ordinary girl in extraordinary circumstances. As she goes on this journey she will grow as a person and define herself as a unique kind of princess and hero. I think a big part of her character comes down to that “desire to be something more, not necessarily something else,” which a lot of people feel one way or another at some point in life.

It was always important to me that Crisanta‘s internal journey be just as important as her external one. So she is in for a lot as the story goes forward. And her relationships with her friends, family, villains, and greater world will all impact her in some way. I am going to be playing with a lot of different themes and issues, but change is one element that strongly runs throughout the entire series.

That element will keep you on your toes as characters and situations continue to surprise you. Nothing and no one from past fairytales and folk legend are off limits. And I have some seriously big twists planned. I cannot wait to share them with the world, as I am certain that more than a few twists will knock you out of your seat. They knocked me out of mine when I came up with them ☺

Crisanta will be going to a lot of different lands. Her story will only get more colorful and the stakes around her more intense as she progresses. So hang on tight, because if you go with her on this journey then I promise you you’re in for a heck of a ride.

  1. You used to work in the entertainment industry like The Walt Disney Studios. Was your story inspired by the Disney studios?

Not at all. More than anything my story was inspired by a desire to create something different than what was already out there. I wanted to give life to a fresh take on fairytales through brand new characters, perspectives, and stories—not adaptations or remakes, which many studios consistently do. Like I said, change is a big theme that runs throughout my series.

  1. Which character in the book do you most relate with?

I would say Crisanta . She is different from me in a lot of ways. But since the story is told from her perspective, it would be impossible for my own character not to seep through. Her sense of humor and sense of fight are two elements that I definitely relate to. There are also a bunch of little things (quirks, not so much qualities) that we share in common, for example our love of boots! I suppose in the end I would say it feels like she is an extension of me the way Iron Man is an extension of Tony Stark—they’re connected; rooted in the same heart—but not exactly the same.

  1. We really admire the fact that you teach and practice martial arts regularly. So, is there anyone who inspired you to be strong and tough?

My parents are my biggest role models in terms of strength. They are incredible, wonderful people who have always inspired me to be better, work harder, and keep fighting for what matters regardless of what obstacles or people might stand in the way.

In terms of martial arts specifically, though, there wasn’t anyone who inspired me to go down that road. When I was little I watched a lot of superhero-based TV shows and I just always wanted to be as awesome as those characters. So I set myself on this path. I’ve always felt that if you want to change yourself, be better in some way, you should just do it. So I did.

  1. You write novels, teach martial arts, and also work as a digital marketing manager. To perform so many tasks, do you have a proper schedule or do you just go with the flow?

A proper schedule is key when you want to accomplish so much, and that comes from discipline. I believe discipline does not restrict life; it adds to it, allowing you to achieve more and be more than you ever thought possible.

I have a very intense schedule for Monday—Friday. Then on the weekends I reward myself with “me time” and have as much fun as possible. I strongly advocate the importance of working hard and playing hard, but not allowing one aspect to interfere with the other. I commit 100% to the task at hand when I am working, and invest just as fully in relaxing when the time is right. It’s a balance. And from that balance comes the ability to live up to your potential without wearing yourself out, and the ability to be at peace.

  1. At the age of six, you wrote a story, which was admired by your school teacher. Did you ever brag about the recognition among your school friends at that time?

Honestly, no. It did mean a lot to me, though. And I have this very clear memory of two years later when I was a third grader. These two first graders came up to me by the water fountain and asked if I was Geanna Culbertson. When I said that I was they told me that my first grade teacher read my story to their class and they loved it.

  1. What are the best and worst parts about being an author in your opinion?

The best part… It’s hard to explain. There’s this feeling you get when you are doing what you love most—when an artist sweeps a brush across canvas, when a basketball player dribbles a ball, when a pianist is jamming on the keys—it’s like a part of you feels more alive, like you’re feeding your soul.

I guess in tune with that, the hardest part of being an author (or a writer) is not being able to write as much as you like. There are never enough hours in the day, and when you have to tear yourself away from doing what you love it hurts, especially since you always want to keep developing your story and characters. You want to find out what happens next, but only you contain the answers. So until you have the time to discover them you are left in midair, hanging in suspense.

  1. Your advice for budding writers?

Above all else—write, and never give up or let rejection or fear of the odds stop you. Past that, I actually wrote an article about this for someone who asked me a similar question via Twitter. It’s on my blog. Check it out for my thoughts on this subject in more detail:


Thanks, everyone! I hope you continue to follow Crisanta‘s story and enjoy it every step of the way!

To grab a free preview of the book, click here!

Geanna Culbertson

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