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Book Review: Beautiful Chaos by Alex Tully

30555755   RATINGS :-

plot: 3/5

characters: 3/5

writing: 4/5


Genre : Young Adult,Contemporary, Fiction, Romance
Age Recommended : 12 yrs and up

“People say there are moments in life you will never forget.Moments where you feel something so unexpected, so beautiful, so perfect, it actually hurts. It aches down to your core, and you know you are changed forever.”

Brady O’Connell is an ordinary teenager with an extraordinary job of carrying forward  his extraordinary ‘family business’. When he decides to break the rules just once and a large sum of money gets misplaced, he soon finds his life going Topsy-turvy. But among all this confusion, Vivienne, a pretty red-head, is the person who seems to make the whole chaos, in fact, beautiful.

I received an e-version of this wonderful book in exchange of an honest review and this indeed, proved to be a truly wonderful YA contemporary read!

‘Beautiful Chaos’ was quite a delightful & quick read, it was the kind of book where you didn’t have to use much of your brains and simply savour whatever the book came up with next.

He knew he sounded pathetic but he didn’t care.” It’s like everything in my brain is so structured and predictable. Like every situation or problem that comes up , I can rationalize and make sense of . But with her, I can’t. It’s a total chaos.”

“And is that a good thing?”

“Yes, It’s a very good thing.” Brady smiled. “It’s a beautiful thing.”

The writing style of Alex Tully seemed a lot similar to the kind of style you find in every other of your favourite summer-read, which I, am a very big fan of. The book however, doesn’t have the kind of plot, that would keep you up till two a.m at night but more of the kind of book that you would simply read for sheer pleasure without rush or too much of eagerness to know what happens next.

It was in other words, a simple and sweet contemporary romance novel which, (unfortunately) does not pay too much attention to the romance between Vivienne and Brady as it is already engaged in other, perhaps more meaningful issues like those of abusive relationships, divorced parents and even self-discovery.

The characters, on the brighter side, are incredibly realistic, which at times, disappoint you if you expect dreamy ones but, charm you with their simplicity and realistic personalities.

” And he was perfect to her…completely, undeniably, without question perfect. She had never felt as happy as she felt at that moment.”

To sum up, the book was beautiful but included a few flaws  ( due to which i didn’t give it a 4/5 rating)  in the character build-up and a seemingly uninteresting plot. Alex’s writing style however, poses capable enough to keep you going throughout the book without you losing even an atom-much of interest in the novel. Despite its slight imperfections, “Beautiful Chaos” is sure to leave an imprint on your heart long after you’ve finished reading it.

” Snowflakes began falling… the big fat ones that plopped when they hit the windshield. Beautiful, delicate, perfectly unique… shattered, destroyed, obliterated, as they hit the glass.”

– Nandika Kaul





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