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Book Review: The Selection By Kiera Cass


Writing: 4/5

Characters: 3.5/5

Plot: 3.5/5

Overall Ratings: 3.5/5

Genre: young-adult, dystopia, romance

Ages Recommended: 12 and above

Former United States of America has now turned into a monarchy called Ilea, ruled by a king whose heir’s soulmate is chosen from across the country through an extravagant ceremony called ‘The Selection’. For thirty five gorgeous maidens coming from numerous backgrounds and castes, The Selection is an opportunity of a lifetime. For America Singer however, (  Note for the the curious ones: she was named after the great ancient country America. Her surname is derived from her profession) , The Selection is a nightmare. With a committed lover waiting back home, Would she ever opt for a dreamy fairy tale-style life?

Having read a variety of mixed reviews on Goodreads beforehand, I was terribly confused regarding whether or not to read The Selection. All my apprehensions however, came to an end when I found this gorgeous thing on Amazon at Forty percent discount! (I mean, you cannot afford resisting such a deal after all, can you?!).

First off, let us please keep all hate aside and take a moment to appreciate the breathtaking cover of the book with this stunning red-head in her incredibly charming blue gown! I admit being guilty of judging books by their covers and this lovely thing was indeed a feast for the eyes. Speaking of which, I would confess initially wanting to own this book solely for the cover.


In case you wanted more of her (… and the cupcakes).

Moving on to what lies beneath the cover, (*laughs*)  this book is one of those guilty pleasures that was thoroughly enjoyed by the reader in me but judged a great deal by the ‘reviewer’.

The book is too lighthearted and well-paced for you to leave the story mid-way (unless you’ve got an obvious allergy to lame storylines). It was downright enjoyable and reading it was hours of sheer entertainment.

The book however, failed to please the ‘reviewer’ in me as it had a faulty story- structure and a bunch of characters who would definitely be forgotten soon after you’ve finished the book. The book by Cass was the kind of book you would read simply for the sake of reading and passing your time. It is definitely not the kind of book that leaves any ( short term/long term ) impact while wanting you ‘craving’ for more. In fact, the next books of the series would perhaps only be picked by you ’cause leaving the story midway would seem awkward (Psst… I wouldn’t have minded leaving it though).

The characters are interesting but not-so-well described. They moreover, have no distinct identities, opinions and quite simply, ‘personalities’ of their own.

Sure, the extravagant and enchanting medieval-style setting ( eh… ‘dystopian and futuristic’ actually) might please you but read it at your own risk.

Yours A-fiction-ately

Nandika Kaul

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