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Hello everyone! On this lovely occasion of Children’s Day I am here to share some amazing fun-filled books that will take you back to your childhood and will leave you nostalgic! These books will remind you the day you read your first book and how you fell in love with reading!


1) Wrecking Ball (Diary of a Wimpy Kid #14) by Jeff Kinney

Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is one of the most memorable series of all time! Since middle grade it has always been my favorite graphic novels! The lovely illustrations with Jeff Kinney’s witty and relatable writing which is portrayed through Greg’s character always refreshes me! And the 14th installment in the phenomenal series was no less! Wrecking Ball focuses on the renovation of Heffley’s house and as we all know when it comes to Heffleys things are not so smooth. This book is packed with great laughter and will take you back to the days of your Wimpy Kid obsession for sure!

2) The Famous Five Series by Enid Blyton

I have always loved the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton! They are a perfect mixture of action, adventure, thriller and of course loads of fun! All the titles in the Famous Five series are written based on a band of four kids (Julian, Dick, George and Anne) and their dog Tim going through one wonderful adventure after another chasing mysteries and unraveling criminal plots. I find it really entertaining and way in which Enid Blyton narrates these tales of adventure is something very unique. Each scene is narrated by the author in such a way to spark the imagination of the young reader and make them enjoy every moment of reading.

3) From Leeches to Slug Glue by Roopa Pai

This amazing book by Roopa Pai features groundbreaking ideas, trivia, factoids, and more, this book will make you question your notions of what makes a person ‘whole’. And it will fill you with wonder at the innovations, inventions and discoveries that have made-and are continuing to make-the young science of modern medicine. For me, this book was turned out to be one of the most memorable books that I have ever read! The insightful ideas and facts blew away on every page of this phenomenal book!

4) Nancy Drew Diaries by Carolyn Keene

I still remember as a young girl I spent so many long hot days of summer reading each and every one of the Nancy Drew books. Carolyn Keene was a master at keeping a young girl’s attention – there was just the right amount of mystery, very mild romance and innocent fun as Nancy and her pals sleuthed around solving not-so gruesome mysteries and murders.

5) The Daughter from a Wishing Tree by Sudha Murty


Sudha Murty has always been my favorite author when it comes to reading about folk tales or mythology set in India! And her brand new book ‘The Daughter From A Wising Tree’ made me fall in love with her writing once again and reminisce about my childhood. I have reviewed this book before so please make sure to check it out to know more about it

6) Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling

How can I not mention this phenomenal and adventurous series when it comes to the most memorable children books?! Harry Potter series is my all time favorite book series till today. I can re-read them for like more than a hundred times more! It won’t be wrong to say that I have grown up reading Harry, Hermione and Ron’s adventures in Hogwarts and have always wished for my own letter to Hogwarts (I still do hehe)!

That wraps up this special post! I wish all my readers a very Happy Children’s Day! I would love to hear what you all read to reminisce your childhood memories! 



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