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Plot : 4/5
Characters : 3/5
Writing : 4/5

Genre : Contemporary, Romance, Fiction

Age Recommended: 16 yrs and up


It’s been nine years since Arman left her, and Rhia manages her life just fine with a dream job and her own place, finally free from family drama. She turned her life and took control of it, but the only part of her life that she couldn’t control was love. She couldn’t love anyone because she is heartbroken. As she had found and lost her love on the same day, and when Arman left her forever without even a goodbye, but with just two letters both addressed to her, one ‘To My Best Friend’ and other ‘To My Girlfriend’ and a ring, which she still holds as a reminder – a proof of broken love.

Rhia and her friends are enjoying the wedding celebration at Mumbai’s luxurious hotel. Everything is great, and everyone is enjoying it until she sees Arman. He steps through the gate after long nine years along with his 3-year-old son, leaving her shocked and speechless. They are about to spend three days together under the same roof, and she is all worried, angry and pleased, again all at the same time. She wants to know why he left without a goodbye; it’s all she wants to know.
So, will she finally get answers? Will Arman finally say why he left her, and why he kissed her if he was about to leave?

Love Beyond Desire is a unique love story. It’s about a girl who falls in love with her best friend, Arman when she is in school. It’s a story of long-lost lovers who finally meet after nine years, and their love is still strong as it was before.

I was looking for a contemporary romance for quite a long time and when the author herself requested me to review her book I decided to give it a chance. As the synopsis suggests, this book is not your ordinary romance book where the the lovers reunite the minute they meet again. The separated couple in this book is seen to face a lot of hardships and many other obstacles before they reunite.

The story and plot was really gripping. The transitions of scenes from the past to future or vice versa was very smooth and did not seem as any sort of hindrance as I expected it to be. The story became more intriguing and unique with the help of heart warming short poems and various letters and prose like:

“The Boy I Loved”

Once there was a boy,

He had a habit which made me annoyed.

He was the person whose company I enjoy.

But when he left, my heart was destroyed…”

The characters were not perfectly balanced but they did manage to make the story and plot interesting at many points. The supporting characters according to me were overshadowed by the main ones a few times.

The writing style of the author was really gripping and easygoing. I was glad to read a book with simple and fun writing. However, there were a few typing errors and I think the book needs another round of editing to turn itself into a masterpiece!

Thus, Love Beyond Desire is a story about hope, passion, emotional confusion, emotional outburst, fun, mystery, happiness, admiration, love and desire, along with beautiful poems and songs to keep you entertained.
I am in love with the beautiful cover!

I would recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a contemporary romance that will guarantee you a ride on a great emotional roller coaster! And those who are looking for a book to escape from their reading slumps as well!

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