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COVER REVEAL : The Evening and The Morning by Ken Follet!

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Ken Follett

30 years on from publishing their first novel with Ken Follett, Pan Macmillan announces the publication date of Follett’s new novel, The Evening and the Morning, releasing on September 2020

Thirty years ago, Ken Follett’s ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ was published by Pan Macmillan, which has now sold over 27 million copies worldwide. This new novel is the masterful prequel to his best-loved historical masterpiece and it is set to capture the imagination of long-term Follett fans and new readers alike.

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BOOK REVIEW: Long Live the Sullied (The Sullied Warrior Duology, #2) by Gaurav Sharma

Plot : 3/5
Characters : 3/5
Writing : 3.5/5

Genre : Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult, Re-telling

Age Recommended: 13 yrs and up

“I was there when nothing was, I am here when nothing is, and I will be present in all years to come.”

There’s an eerie deafening silence in the royal palace of Rudraputra, scorned by multiple layers of armed guards. Someone knows something, something that no one is supposed to find out. Going back in the gallows of time, what if Eklavya was not the chosen one at Gurukul? Is there an alternative to the past?

“Am I ready? I don’t want to lose! Victory is the only option! I will snatch it if I must. Either I’ll win, or I’ll do what no one would have imagined in their wildest dreams. Yes, I’ll change the rules about how this game can be played. But is that enough? Physical superiority is not all I long, I want to rule people’s mind, I need to know before it comes to me…”

Is it revenge he is looking for? Vengeance is a parasite. It lurks onto you, and it grows, feeds on your body, your soul, and ultimately it becomes you!

Long Live the Sullied marks a deeper dive into the epic story, debunking mysteries of God of the Sullied that left you astonished.

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BOOK REVIEW: Siri, Who Am I? by Sam Tschida

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Plot : 4/5
Characters : 3/5
Writing : 3.5/5

Genre : Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Comedy

Date of Release: May, 2020

“No one knows how to get anywhere. Google is the only one who knows anything anymore. My brain is irrelevant.”

Memento gets a Millennial makeover by debut author Sam Tschida in this smart and edgy comedy about a Kardashians-obsessed woman who wakes up in an LA hospital with amnesia, a torn party dress, and a broken iPhone and must work backward, using her Instagram account, to piece together her identity, only to discover that her life is a perfect lie.

When Mia wakes up in a Long Beach hospital with a head wound, she knows everything there is to know about the Kardashian-Jenner family but almost nothing about herself. The only items in her possession are her torn party dress–which immediately begs the question, what kind of girl parties on a Tuesday night?–a tube of Chanel lipstick, and an iPhone with a shattered screen. She might not remember where she lives but she can use her Instagram account to work backward to piece together the basic facts of her identity. Easy enough, right?

Instagram tells her that she lives in a Millennial-pink duplex that would make Kylie Jenner jealous. But when she arrives, she discovers a cute housesitter named Max who tells her the house actually belongs to JP, a French billionaire–and he has no idea how she’s connected to him. After some sleuthing, she discovers she’s the owner of a high-end matchmaking service. Could JP be one of her investors?

As Mia works backward through her Instagram to figure out who she really is–and find anyone who knows anything about her–she discovers an ugly truth buried within her perfect social media image. Is it too late to undo her lies online and become an IRL good person?

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BOOK REVIEW: The Raven and the Dove (The Raven and the Dove #1) by Kaitlyn Davis

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Plot : 3/5
Characters : 5/5
Writing : 4/5

Genre : Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult

Date of Release: March, 2020

“This feeling that I was meant for something more. A yearning in my gut, a beating of my heart, sense that my destiny is bigger than what’s expected of me. ”

Four fates collide in this avian-inspired, epic fantasy retelling of Tristan and Isolde perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Sabaa Tahir, and Leigh Bardugo!

A princess longing to be free…

On the dawn of her courtship trials, Princess Lyana Aethionus knows she should be focused on winning her perfect mate, yet her thoughts wander to the open sky waiting at the edge of her floating kingdom. One final adventure calls. Upon fleeing the palace, the last thing she expects to find is a raven prince locked in a death match with a dragon.

A bastard aching to belong…

Reviled son of a dead king, Rafe would do anything for his beloved half-brother, Prince Lysander Taetanus, including posing as him in the upcoming courtship trials. When a dragon interrupts their secret exchange, he orders his studious sibling to run. After suffering a fatal blow, Rafe is saved by a beautiful dove who possesses forbidden magic, just like him.

Fate brought them together, now destiny will tear them apart…

Unknown to the world above, on the foggy sea ten thousand feet below, a young king fights a forgotten war. He believes Lyana is the queen prophesied to save the world, and with the help of his favored spy, hidden deep in the highest ranks of the dove royal house, he will stop at nothing to have her.

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