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REVIEW: Inside a Dark Box by Ritu Vaishnav


Genre : Non-Fiction, Self -Help

“Every once in a while, you feel strong enough to push the darkness away. Sometimes, it pushes its way right back in.”

A pertinent book on the theme of depression, Inside a Dark Box takes you inside the head of someone locked in a battle with their own mind and helps to understand the associated challenges and loneliness. With evocative, striking line drawings that complement the narrative, it is a powerful and positive book that is a must have for anyone who is undergoing depression or knows of someone battling it.

Ritu Vaishnav, while talking about the book said, ‘You may have read about depression and you may know all the symptoms, but when faced with it, you may still fail to recognise it. You can feel lost and confused for a long time before you realise that what you are going through has a name, is common and can be tamed. Hopefully this book makes depression a little bit easier to identify and explain to those around us.’

// living inside a dark box. //
how many of us can say that we are happy? that we are content with our lives. and we have nothing to bother us? not many I suppose.

we all live in a world with our own dark box. that dark box may be comforting for many of us, but at times we do get lonely. our so called ‘comforting’ dark box becomes nothing but a cage for us from where we cannot escape. we often reach out for help but there’s mostly none as others too are trapped within their dark boxes.

“Sometimes, you can get trapped inside a dark box.”

“Inside a Dark Box” by Ritu Vaishnav is a short but heart touching and a brilliant attempt to help out the people who are trapped in their dark boxes.

The book says that when you get trapped in darkness, finding your own way out can be a long and lonely battle, especially when the war is within your head.

Unhealthy coping mechanisms can keep you from maximizing the full potential of your heart, your love, your work.

Don’t let the past rob you of your present joy—see a therapist, explore alternative therapuetic models. it’s okay to look outside of yourself for care and love.

and lastly, just like darkness keeps coming back in, so does strength.



‘It is so wonderful to have a book that describes depression in such a visceral and poignant way . . .

Empathetic and informative, it’s a must-read for absolutely everyone’


About Ritu Vaishnav

Ritu Vaishnav has worked as a journalist, a teacher and an editor for children’s books. She has written for Indian Express and Times of India and worked as a news producer and reporter for the India Today news channel. She is also the co-founder of a popular children’s bookstore in Gurugram that actively works with schools to build a strong reading culture among students.

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