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REVIEW: Summer Solstice and other poems by Shristi Banka















Genre : Non-Fiction, Poetry

“Only you hold the key to your box, use it wisely and open in times of necessity and never else.”

“Summer Solstice and other poems” is a collection of English poems that span romance, fantasy, inspiration, drama, tragedy, and family. They are a personal reflection of the author’s experiences which bring out some of her interesting wonderings, epiphanies, and a whirlpool of emotions. The poems are based on four seasons of the year, where each season brings along certain feelings. From celebrating life and merriment in spring; to the youthful and romantic summer of infinite potential, to the melancholic autumn with heartaches and gloom, to some cold and dark sentiments in winter…just in time for a clean slate and a fresh start!

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My favorite parts in this quick read were the poems centered on the author’s generational experience with life and her deep admiration for women. There’s a rich narrative to be explored there and I’m glad she devoted an entire section for it. Other Sometimes the author weaves together profound thoughts, and other times she simply write statements that have line spacing every other word.

“Fly away- you’ve earned your wings”

Half of the poems are about heartbreak and relationships, which I found to be generic. I can see how this would be meaningful to young girls though; those who I deal with emotionally abusive relationships can actually feel empowered through this type of sentimental writing.



“The highest ambitions are achieved when you work towards your dreams without the fear of failing.” Shristi Banka lives by this. One can clearly see her zeal and ambition with this long list of qualifications! She’s a B.Com., ACA, CS, MA (Eng Lit), CFA Level 3 Candidate, LLB Final Year. All of 24, Shristi already has over 6 years of work experience with global leaders in finance, law, taxation, and accountancy. Her venture Banka CFO has greatly benefitted micro, small, and medium enterprises, and she has been published widely for it. 

On the lighter side of things, she also runs a pop culture Instagram page that has 200,000+ followers! She was also invited to co-host a radio show in New York. She is a passionate poet and enjoys traveling, with a keen eye for culture. Her love for public speaking is validated with a diploma in public speaking from Trinity College of London. She was born and raised in Mumbai and falls in love with the city every day. 

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