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Opposite of Always by Justin A. Reynolds : REVIEW


Plot : 3.5/5
Characters : 4/5
Writing : 4.5/5

Genre : Romance, Teens & YA

“Don’t be afraid. Take chances. And when those don’t work out, take more.”

When Jack and Kate meet at a party, bonding until sunrise over their mutual love of Froot Loops and their favorite flicks, Jack knows he’s falling—hard. Soon she’s meeting his best friends, Jillian and Franny, and Kate wins them over as easily as she did Jack.

But then Kate dies. And their story should end there.

Yet Kate’s death sends Jack back to the beginning, the moment they first meet, and Kate’s there again. Healthy, happy, and charming as ever. Jack isn’t sure if he’s losing his mind.

Still, if he has a chance to prevent Kate’s death, he’ll take it. Even if that means believing in time travel. However, Jack will learn that his actions are not without consequences. And when one choice turns deadly for someone else close to him, he has to figure out what he’s willing to do to save the people he loves.

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I picked up Opposite Of Always this summer thinking that it will be a perfect, simple and fun summer read! However, I was proved partially wrong as this book was not your typical YA summer romance story. Opposite of always deals with so many important issues in a very realistic yet subtle way.

The plot was really well planned. I mean, I could hardly notice any flaws because it was so effortlessly smooth! No unnecessary dragging on one theme or one scene, no plot holes and a perfect pacing! It was quite unique as well.

The characters were quite well defined and each played a very important part in making the story more interesting. Jack’s character did sometimes feel a bit immature but as the story took it’s pace I realized it was done for a reason about which I won’t go into much detail. Overall, All the characters did a really good job at making the story look more relatable and emotionally attracting.

“Maybe it’s not how something ends that matters. Maybe it’s about having something good, even for a little while.”

The writing style was very easy going and simple. It was quite intriguing. I was quite surprised by the fact that this is the debut novel of Justin Reynolds. I mean, Justin  really did manage to make his words speak through his brilliant writing!




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