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Skeins by Richa Gupta| Book Review

Plot : 4/5
Characters : 4.5/5
Writing : 4/5

Genre: Literary Fiction, Contemporary

“There are instances when the truth suddenly pitches at us with an undeniable impact. Our buried feelings come to the fore due to a trigger in our environment.”

What happens when the skeins of life of 16 diverse Indian women, aged 25 to 67, get entwined when they travel to Spain and Portugal in an all-women’s tour? With a galaxy of identifiable characters from modern urban India depicted with light-hearted mirth in a travel environment, the novel explores serious issues, such as the quest for an independent identity and economic independence, the violence within and without our homes, the loneliness of old age and the need for constructive channelization of youthful energy. Spanning events across a little more than a year, it depicts how self-expression and a supportive environment trigger a cataclysmic effect and stimulate the women to realize their dreams.

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* I received the book by the author in exchange of an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are unbiased. *

Initially, I picked up Skeins after being charmed by its unique and intriguing synopsis. However, I wasn’t expecting it to leave a great impact on me whatsoever. But, Skeins has now became one of my most memorable reads of 2020!! As the synopsis suggests,  the story revolves around 16 diverse Indian women of a varied age gap. The book brings in light their journey to Spain and Portugal. This journey, however, turns out way far from a normal one. This journey soon turns into a journey to explore self identity and independence.

The plot of the book was really gripping! it was paced very well. It was quite charming on it’s own and did not have to depend on characters or any other elements to shine. I really was not expecting it to be one of those plot which would always keep me on my toes. But, I was proved wrong! The plot was extraordinary!

“How nice to discover empathetic companionship so many miles away from home!”

The characters were quite interesting as well. I liked the character developments throughout. The characters were really unique and diverse and I felt quite attached to each and everyone of them.

The writing style really amazed me! For some reason, the author’s words through her writing style seemed really powerful. I feel really lucky to come across such a gem of a writer!


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