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ARC REVIEW : Not Like the Movies (Waiting for Tom Hanks #2) by Kerry Winfrey

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Plot : 4/5
Characters : 4/5
Writing : 4.5/5

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Contemporary

Date of Release: July 7, 2020

“Maybe you need to accept that your life is a rom-com, whether you want it to be or not.”

What happens when your life is a rom-com…but you don’t even believe in true love?

Chloe Sanderson is an optimist, and not because her life is easy. As the sole caregiver for her father, who has early onset Alzheimer’s, she’s pretty much responsible for everything. She has no timeโ€”or interestโ€”in getting swept up in some dazzling romance. Not like her best friend Annie, who literally wrote a rom-com that’s about to premiere in theaters across America…and happens to be inspired by Chloe and Nick Velez, Chloe’s cute but no-nonsense boss.

As the buzz for the movie grows, Chloe reads one too many listicles about why Nick is the perfect man, and now she can’t see him as anything but Reason #2: The Scruffy-Bearded Hunk Who’s Always There When You Need Him. But unlike the romance Annie has written for them, Chloe isn’t so sure her own story will end in a Happily Ever After.ย 

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* I received the book by the publisher in exchange of an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are unbiased. *
Not Like the Movies by Kerry Winfrey is the second installment of the series ‘Waiting For Tom Hanks.’ As the synopsis suggests, the story revolves around a girl named Chloe who is in her late twenties and does not believe in romantic comedies. Little did she know, her own best-friend ends up penning down a script for a romantic comedy with Chloe as her muse. Chloe who was already a little attracted to Nick, the cafe owner where she currently works but never gave it a serious thought considering her life is already complicated now can’t help but wonder how it would feel like to be with him. But due to her strong beliefs that goes against real life romance she does not believe that can ever have her own happily ever after.

“Sometimes people just argue and don’t want to make out with each other, because life isn’t a rom-com.”

The Plot of the book being a contemporary really stood out. I really liked the concept of the parallels between the movie script and the lives of the main leads. It was simple, refreshing and pretty fun to read. The pacing was well balanced and did not fail to capture my attention.
The Characters were LOVELY! I had such a great time time reading about them! Chloe was very relatable as an individual. Like everyone else, she has her own set of insecurities. She was a really well balanced character. Nick is perhaps now one of my new fictional crushes considering he is the most considerate and soft-hearted man ever! The side characters were a lot of fun to read about as well. I won’t go into much details about them but I can assure you that they will definitely bring a huge smile on your face!

“How beautiful it is that no matter how badly things are screwed up, we can always keep, keep wishing, keep hoping that things will get better.”

The writing style, without a doubt was really engaging! It does not need much words to express how good it was. I can assure you that once you start to read Kerry’s writing there is no way out until you finish the entire book!