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Book Tour : The Hive Queen by Robin Kirk

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Today, I am delighted to host the Blog Tour organised by Favourite Pages Book Club for The Hive Queen.

In the second book in the INDIE-award-winning Bond Trilogy, warrior Fir leads his brothers on a quest for salvation that will threaten everything he holds dear.

After the battle that toppled the Weave, warrior Fir leads his brothers east to escape servitude, or worse—death at the hands of rival warriors. They search for the fabled Master of Men who promises freedom for men in the Weave. But their quest leads them to a foe more dangerous than they could have imagined.

When the beautiful Hive Queen, Odide, bespells Fir, he’s compelled to betray his brothers—and risks dooming them all to an unspeakable fate. To survive, Fir must choose between his loyalty to his brothers, his allegiance to the Queen, and his love for Dinitra.

But salvation is not what it seems. When the worlds of the Hive and the Master collide, it triggers a devastating betrayal that leaves Fir with an impossible choice: can he sacrifice his brothers for the love he thought he could never have?

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Plot : 5/5
Characters : 5/5
Writing : 5/5

Publisher: Blue Crow Books

Release Date: September 1st 2020

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, SciFi

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*I received the book by the publisher in exchange of an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are unbiased.*

The plot was really diverse and yet very gripping. It was quite charming on it’s own and did not have to depend on characters or any other elements to shine. I really was not expecting it to be one of those plot which would always keep me on my toes. But, I was proved wrong! The plot was extraordinary!

“What does freedom feel like? Will freedom bring us peace? A place? A fire and good grub?” 

The characters were quite interesting as well. I liked the character developments throughout. It was quite smooth and well paced as well. 

The writing style really surprised me! I mean I did not have much high expectations as usually many cannot really pull off the whole sci-fi genre. But, I was proved wrong! I really admire her writing! And I can’t wait to see more growth in her writing style now!

“Someone very wise once said to me that the only way out is through”


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Kirk is the author of The Bond, the first in a fantasy trilogy published by Blue Crow Publishing. Foreward Reviews awarded The Bond its Bronze award for best YA in 2018. Book II, The Hive Queen, is due out in August 2020. Kirk’s other books include More Terrible Than Death: Massacres, Drugs and America’s War in Colombia (PublicAffairs) and The Monkey’s Paw: New Chronicles from Peru (University of Massachusetts Press). She coedits the The Peru Reader: History, Culture, Politics (Duke University) and is an editor of Duke University Press’s World Readers series.

Kirk is a Faculty Co-Director of the Duke Human Rights Center at the Franklin Humanities Institute and is a founding member of the Pauli Murray Project, an initiative of the center that seeks to use the legacy of this Durham daughter to examine the region’s past of slavery, segregation and continuing economic inequality. An author and human rights advocate, Kirk is a lecturer in Duke’s Department of Cultural Anthropology.

More of Kirk’s work is available on her Scribd site. Kirk can be reached at, through her Facebook Page or on Twitter at @robinkirk.


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