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a daily reminder + getting my life together

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hello everyone!! it’s been a long time since i interacted with you all. this post will be unrelated to books BUT i’m here to give you a daily reminder that everyone needs the most as well as i’ll be sharing how i’m hoping to get my life together,ย to explain it in better terms, basically how i am planning to focus positive things and become a better version of myself. Especially my virtual presence is something that i am so ready to work on and eventually become more active than i’ve been these past months!


coming to the daily reminder,ย i would like to talk about how due to the pandemic we get to see and hear hundreds of heartbraking news almost everyday. but, as person who have also endlessly pondered over these heartbreaking news for almost months, i would like to tell you that it’s normal to worry BUT it’s not good and healthy to let that worrying stop you from doing things that you like! yes the world is not perfectly happy but trust me there are still so many things that’ll eventually cheer you up and make you smile ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

here’s a video that’ll definitely bring a smile to your face! ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ™ˆโœจ

hence, after realising the importance of acceptance and forgiveness. iโ€™m learning to be okay with not getting everything done immediately. but i think iโ€™mย finallyย arriving at a place where iโ€™m ready to transition towards a better version of myself.

so. hereโ€™s how i hope to get my life together.

01. bring back a morning and night routine.

for the most of early 2021, my mornings have been incredibly inconsistent and i lost the sense of clarity for my days. i took my morning routine for granted and now realize the repercussions. so, iโ€™m hoping to start with restarting my night routine, which would hopefully improve my morning routine.

02. work out more consistently and eat mindfully.

with this goal itโ€™s hard to stay consistent!!! (the never ending struggle.) iโ€™m thinking of ways to keep myself accountable โ€“ having goals with friends, documenting in my journal, etc. โ€“ and hopefully that will help.ย 

03. declutter my physical spaces.

i believe cleaning up my physical spaces will definitely make my inner self feel more at ease, but itโ€™s the act of starting thatโ€™s tough. i unhauled a bunch of books ; i need to unhaul clothes i havenโ€™t worn in 2+ years; and iโ€™d love to redecorate parts of my room.

04. (and most importantly!) schedule breaks.

i struggle with saying no and creating work-life balance because much of my workย is life. FUN. i started working on this last year, but fell off the bandwagon the last few months. hence i’ve realized that itโ€™s equally important to refill your energy and i’m planning my best to work on the same!ย 

what are some goals youโ€™re working on? have you also tried to overcome something bad these days? let me know in the comments!

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