Hello there and thanks for stopping by “Yours A-fiction-ately … a book blog from India” ! The two of us are ordinary (at least till now) teenagers from India with immense love for reading and we created this blog to let all of you readers to know that you are not alone in using books as a means to escape reality and enter a world where imagination rules!


Hello World!!

First of all I would like to introduce myself as an ordinary teenager with loads of dreams, even this blog was my dream. I dreamt of making this blog when my best friend & co-blogger Nandika suggested making a blog together. That was the time my dream of doing something great and different got a proper platform. Reading is not just my hobby or a way to pass my free time. It is exploring! While reading one can explore different worlds, lives, thoughts and especially you become more understanding. As we know that life is too short to live one but reading enables to live as many lives as possible!


Hi i’m Nandika, pretty much a regular teen who enjoys music, traveling and most importantly reading.Reading is my escape…an escape from my usual life into a world of imperfectly ‘perfect’ people, wizards,princesses and shadow hunters! Reading also takes me on a world tour while merely sitting in my bedroom, be it the lush farms of Scotland or the breathtaking city of Paris.My main aim of creating this blog is to spread the goodness of the essence of reading. Hope you enjoy.

Happy Reading!

ย ย  Yoursย  A-fiction-ately

Tanishka & Nandika

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  1. congratulations from my side. it is cool to do such a thing with your best friend . well i wish you a success in this idea of yours . this act of yours is quite inspirational for me[cannot say anything about others, but it most probably will be for others as well]. best of luck once again. enjoy your moments of success and friendship as well.although we were not good friends but still i will remember u forever and miss u when u when u will go on transfer good luck for new school in advance as well.

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  2. congratulations from my side too. best of luck and i think that this is a very gud idea for all us readers around the world thank u best of luck.

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  3. hi Nandika didi and Tanishka didi. i think that your idea is really good as it helps unite all other readers in India. Inspired by your blog i have also started a book club in my class. i wish you good luck.
    oh by the way nandika didi might remember me from school.

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    1. Thanks a ton Arsh! Feels nice to get complimented by fellow Indian readers ๐Ÿ™‚ . Your initiative for starting a book club is indeed commendable!
      Continue reading our blog and stay in touch
      Yours A-fiction-ately
      Nandika & Tanishka


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