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Year End Wrap Up!! (IT’S THE END OF 2020 YA’LL)

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Hello everyone!โœจ I hope you all are doing great and keeping safe!! This year has been not less than a roller coaster ride for all of us. Thus, it’s not a surprise that we cannot wait to say bye to this wretched year. Considering how terrible this year has been it is quite obvious that bookworms like us definitely found their solace in the books they read. Being a bookworm has surely helped many of us to cope up with this year therefore today, I will be sharing the books that made my 2020. They are a list of the best reads as well as the worst reads I read this year. Hope you enjoy! Do let me know if you have read any of these! ๐ŸŒธ


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Hello there! I hope you all are doing wonderful and are trying your best at making your quarantine worthwhile. Even if you are not, then that’s okay too! You can always use this time to rest and procrastinate as much as you like because to be honest, at times like this we should just do what our heart wants! However, if you are hoping to get back to reading or are just in need for some quick recs then don’t you worry cause I have got your back! Today I will be sharing all the books I have devoured from the first day of quarantine and I hope that at least one of these will treat you well just the way it did for me! *winks*

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BOOK RECOMMENDATION! : Journey to the Forbidden City by Deepa Agarwal

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Journey to the Forbidden City by Deepa Agarwal

Nineteenth-century Tibet was an unknown entity, a complete geographical mystery to the West.

Where did its capital city Lhasa lie?
Which rivers, lakes and mountains stretched across this land?
Where were its fabled monasteries and legendary goldfields?
And did the magical flying lamas actually exist?

It was next to impossible for a white man to enter this rigorously guarded territory. And so was chosen an intrepid Indian explorer from the mountains of Kumaon-Nain Singh Rawat. Trekking across this country, he risked life and limb and donned innumerable clever disguises as he surveyed the vast expanses and identified countless villages, cities and people. From putting Lhasa accurately on the world map to earning the title of Pundit, his eventful and often arduous travels led to his name being permanently engraved in the annals of Indian exploration.

Based on his actual diaries, this gripping narrative is also a tribute to the indomitable spirit of this fascinating man, who rose from being an impoverished village schoolteacher to a legendary hero.

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COVER REVEAL : The Evening and The Morning by Ken Follet!

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Ken Follett

30 years on from publishing their first novel withย Ken Follett, Pan Macmillan announces the publication date of Follettโ€™s new novel,ย The Evening and the Morning, releasing on September 2020

Thirty years ago, Ken Follett’s ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ was published by Pan Macmillan, which has now sold over 27 million copies worldwide. This new novel is the masterful prequel to his best-loved historical masterpiece and it is set to capture the imagination of long-term Follett fans and new readers alike.

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Hello everyone! On this lovely occasion of Children’s Day I am here to share some amazing fun-filled books that will take you back to your childhood and will leave you nostalgic! These books will remind you the day you read your first book and how you fell in love with reading!


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My Very Own Anna and The French Kiss Dream Crate!!

A lot of us subscribe to books crates but often what we receive inside these crates is not actually according to our wishes. I often wonder what my dream bookย  crate would look like. That is why I am here with this post today!!

Loot Crate recently shared some details about a fun project with us and made this wish come true! The nerdy subscription service wants to see how fans and book worms can create their very own dream crate!

It took some time for me to come up with a theme but I finally choseย Anna and the French Kiss series as my theme.

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Books Which I WANT to Read! (and Merry Christmas!!)

Tanishka: Hey there!! Merry Christmas to all our readers!ย  It’s finally the festive season so, I thought of sharingย  with you guys the books on my TBR (to be read) list. Although I’m not going to write much about them ,I will try to give you a rough idea regarding what the books are about.

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