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Book Review: The Tree With A Thousand Apples by Sanchit Gupta

33119297Ratings :

Writing- 4/5

Plot- 4/5

Characters- 3.5/5

Overall Ratings- 4/5

Genre: Fiction

Age Recommended: 13 and up

It’s not very often that we receive review copies of books that completely take us by surprise. The Tree With A Thousand Apples was certainly one of them.

I belong to a region that I haven’t visited for the past seven years. The reason? It’s ‘terribly unsafe’. Between 1980 and 1990, among other Kashmiri Pandits who fled the gorgeous valley, were my relatives. After over two centuries of residing there, the descendents of our ‘Kaul’ clan unfortunately were left with no choice but to leave the valley which they once called home. Slogans saying “Asi gacchi Pakistan, Batav ros te Batanev san” ( We want a Pakistan along with HIndu women but without their men) were openly glorified while most women my dad’s own aunt, chose to hide themselves in closets along with matchsticks (to set themselves on fire) for defense from the ferocious protestors who could barge into the house any moment.

This isn’t my home. You don’t know what it is to be on a lifelong exile. I have no home.

The issue of Kasmir is a one that is incredibly close to my heart and so, when I was approached by the author with the request of an honest review, I obviously could not refuse. Continue reading “Book Review: The Tree With A Thousand Apples by Sanchit Gupta”

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Book Review: Teenage Diaries…The Days That Were By Saurabh Sharma


Ratings :-

Writing : 4/5

Story: 3/5

Characters: 3/5

Overall: 3.5/5

Genre : Young-adult, Middle grade, fiction, Teen

Age recommended: 13 and up

Enter Ganshyam, the boring nerd everyone dreads at school and the under-confident guy whose teenage years are soon going to turn his life topsy-turvy.

With first crushes, kisses, dares and dudes whizzing past like whirlwinds, would Ganshyam fall of the ridge? And most importantly, would he ever be able to get the girl he has come to love? Continue reading “Book Review: Teenage Diaries…The Days That Were By Saurabh Sharma”

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Book Review: All The Bright Places By Jennifer Niven




Writing: 4/5

Characters: 3.5/5

Plot: 3.5/5

Overall Ratings


Age Recommended: 13 and up

“I think about black holes and blue holes and bottomless   bodies of water and exploding stars and event horizons, and a place so dark that light can’t get out once it’s in”

Theodore Finch or ‘freak’ ( as he is commonly called) is an awkward young man. All he does in his free time is come up with ways to kill himself. One day, when grief-stricken Violet Markey appears at the school bell-tower, its pretty unclear who saves whose life. This one meeting is soon to transform the lives of both, Violet and Finch forever and take them on one unforgettable but heart-wrenching journey of love, live and self-discovery.
Continue reading “Book Review: All The Bright Places By Jennifer Niven”

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Book Review: Beautiful Chaos by Alex Tully

30555755   RATINGS :-

plot: 3/5

characters: 3/5

writing: 4/5


Genre : Young Adult,Contemporary, Fiction, Romance
Age Recommended : 12 yrs and up

“People say there are moments in life you will never forget.Moments where you feel something so unexpected, so beautiful, so perfect, it actually hurts. It aches down to your core, and you know you are changed forever.”

Brady O’Connell is an ordinary teenager with an extraordinary job of carrying forward  his extraordinary ‘family business’. When he decides to break the rules just once and a large sum of money gets misplaced, he soon finds his life going Topsy-turvy. But among all this confusion, Vivienne, a pretty red-head, is the person who seems to make the whole chaos, in fact, beautiful. Continue reading “Book Review: Beautiful Chaos by Alex Tully”

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REVIEW: When We Collided By Emery Lord


“No matter what heaven you believe in, your time on this earth will end. What I’m saying is that you should listen—really listen—to the slosh of the waves and the distant call of Pacific birds. You should feel a boy’s pulse against your cheek; you should fill your lungs with ocean air. While you can, I mean. You should do these things while you still can.”

Genre:  fiction, young adult, romance

AGE RECOMMENDED: 13 yrs and up


Plot- 3.5/5

Characters- 4.5/5

Writing- 4.5/5


“Even the constellations can see us now: we are seventeen and shattered and still dancing. We have messy, throbbing hearts, and we are stronger than anyone could ever know.”

“Wow” was what i gasped as soon as i finished this beautiful book .

‘When We Collided’ was essentially about this grief-stricken boy Jonah, who has lost his father and is left to deal with all the tension of shouldering the responsibilities of his family. This, is when the gorgeous hurricane of thoughts, Vivi Alexander turns up and transforms Jonah’s life completely! Continue reading “REVIEW: When We Collided By Emery Lord”

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REVIEW:We Were Liars By E.Lockhart









*goodreads synopsis*
A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.

This synopsis is precisely all i knew about the book before i actually started reading it….no more,no less; and as you can say, I had absolutely no idea what the book was about and had no expectations from it whatsoever.Nonetheless I started reading it and I must say it came as a pleasant surprise. Continue reading “REVIEW:We Were Liars By E.Lockhart”