Review Policy

  • We at yoursafictionately, are committed to posting reviews based on solely our personal opinions.Our reviews include the title,author’s name, genre,ratings, recomended age, blurb of the book and our opinions.

  • Our ratings are divided into three basic sub-ratings for plot,characters and writing style.The final overall rating is the approx. average of all three sub-ratings.

  • As the name of our blog suggests, we accept only fictional books for reviewing however,if contacted personally we might offer to review non-fictional books.

  • We are presently focusing mainly on young adult novels.

  • Guest reviews are more than welcome!Our readers can email us their book reviews(of about 200 words) with ratings at with the subject as GUEST REVIEW: *Name of book*

  • We readily accept ARCs in almost any form! ( although we would prefer physical copies more)

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