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Hello there! I hope you all are doing wonderful and are trying your best at making your quarantine worthwhile. Even if you are not, then that’s okay too! You can always use this time to rest and procrastinate as much as you like because to be honest, at times like this we should just do what our heart wants! However, if you are hoping to get back to reading or are just in need for some quick recs then don’t you worry cause I have got your back! Today I will be sharing all the books I have devoured from the first day of quarantine and I hope that at least one of these will treat you well just the way it did for me! *winks*

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REVIEW: Summer Solstice and other poems by Shristi Banka















Genre : Non-Fiction, Poetry

“Only you hold the key to your box, use it wisely and open in times of necessity and never else.”

“Summer Solstice and other poems” is a collection of English poems that span romance, fantasy, inspiration, drama, tragedy, and family. They are a personal reflection of the author’s experiences which bring out some of her interesting wonderings, epiphanies, and a whirlpool of emotions. The poems are based on four seasons of the year, where each season brings along certain feelings. From celebrating life and merriment in spring; to the youthful and romantic summer of infinite potential, to the melancholic autumn with heartaches and gloom, to some cold and dark sentiments in winter…just in time for a clean slate and a fresh start!

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A heart-touching thriller about self discovery |Blog Tour : “You Never Told Me by Sarah Jasmon “

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WELCOME TO THE BLOG TOUR FOR “You Never Told Me by Sarah Jasmon ” which is A heart-touching thriller about self discovery! 

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48464474. sy475

Plot : 3/5
Characters : 5/5
Writing : 4/5

Genre : Fiction, Thriller

Date of Release: March 19th 2020

“It all looked so ordinary, a normal evening with no one missing. But none of them was normal.”

A year ago, Charlie’s life seemed to be following a plan: she had a beautiful house, a lovable dog and an upcoming wedding. But she felt trapped. A few months before the big day, ignoring the warnings from her family, she abandoned her life and fled to the other side of the world in a bid for freedom.

But when her mother unexpectedly falls ill, Charlie has to cut her trip short. She flies home, but by the time she gets to the hospital, it’s too late.

Her mother is gone, but she’s left a mystery behind. Why did she buy a canal boat, and where did the money for it come from? As Charlie attempts to work through her grief and pick up the pieces of her life, she follows the threads of her mother’s secret past – but has she missed her chance to learn the truth?

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REVIEW: Inside a Dark Box by Ritu Vaishnav


Genre : Non-Fiction, Self -Help

“Every once in a while, you feel strong enough to push the darkness away. Sometimes, it pushes its way right back in.”

A pertinent book on the theme of depression, Inside a Dark Box takes you inside the head of someone locked in a battle with their own mind and helps to understand the associated challenges and loneliness. With evocative, striking line drawings that complement the narrative, it is a powerful and positive book that is a must have for anyone who is undergoing depression or knows of someone battling it.

Ritu Vaishnav, while talking about the book said, ‘You may have read about depression and you may know all the symptoms, but when faced with it, you may still fail to recognise it. You can feel lost and confused for a long time before you realise that what you are going through has a name, is common and can be tamed. Hopefully this book makes depression a little bit easier to identify and explain to those around us.’

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